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GET THE NEW PINEAPPLE PORT MYSTERY! BOOK #1 Pineapple Lies FREE MAY 17-19 NEW RELEASE! BOOK #15 Pineapple Podcast - $2 off
First, This Week's Sale: Books 7-9 of Pineapple Port Mysteries!
Pineapple Port has been optioned for film/television! I've mentioned in the past that I'd really LOVE for Pineapple Port Mysteries to become a television series. I entered a contest and made some...
As one of my newsletter subscribers, YOU are my most important readers! You're there for me, release after release, helping me KEEP WRITING.
There's a New Pineapple On the WAY! Pineapple Podcast (Now available for preorder) I'm about 75% finished Pineapple Podcast , the next installment in the Pineapple Port series, and you are not going...
Archer FAILS AT GARDENING I wish there was a way to really describe to you the horror of gardening this weekend with Archer. It was like being trapped in a Tasmanian Devil cartoon --- I'd turn my...
Wow. I have a lot of things to share today... so here we go...
It's that time when you get to name something in my upcoming book! This time it is "NAME THE BIG GUY" - Shee goes to an island with a lot of big, muscular guards on it. Most have mythological names...
THe Girl Who Killed You - Shee Mcqueen #3 is Almost Here! I finished writing the third installment of the Shee McQueen Mystery-Thriller series. Whoo hoo! I'll be releasing it VERY SOON. Here's a...
Author and reader tees Like a lot of authors, I work at home and my uniform is a tee and sweat shorts/sweatpants. I was sick of my usual collection and bought some new designs from TeePublic.
If you have a juicer, does it bother you when all that stripped-away pulp goes in the trash? Well, I've got two ways you can make use of it!


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New Pineapple Port Covers
On the way: New Pineapple Port covers! You're going to LOVE them!!
Shee McQueen #3
Amy's almost finished Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller #3: THE GIRL WHO KILLED YOU


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