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Pineapple Maids - Pineapple Port Mysteries 19

A new twisty puzzler to solve featuring mystery's most authentic and loveable characters.
New to Pineapple Port? No problem! Each book can stand alone, but be warned, one taste of Pineapple Port’s charm and you'll want to devour the entire series. Series now optioned for television!


The Pineapple Port crew goes undercover in an assisted living community in the latest Pineapple Port Mystery by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant.

Enter the series at any book - each is a complete standalone mystery!

Pineapple Port retirees Mariska and Darla have been many things to Charlotte Morgan—surrogate mothers when her grandmother passed, belly-fillers (almost constantly), and dime-store decorators when the new Charlock Holmes Detective Agency needed upgrading...

All they ask in return is one teeny, tiny, itty-bitty thing in exchange…To go undercover so they can find out who's killing residents at a high-end assisted living manor.

What could go wrong if Darla and Mariska masquerade as residents? Or war with the manor's "mean girls?" Or start a revolt via talent show?

Charlotte doesn't have time to worry about the ladies. She's and Declan are posing as staff, and they've got secret gardens, scary alligator prints, and poison tea to worry about. They'll have to hurry—one of the residents just laughed himself to death while painting a cheeky art reproduction...

Will Dead Ed be the manor's last casualty?

Grab some cookies and find out! (Just don't drink the tea...)

Pineapple Port Mysteries are the perfect reads for lovers of The Thursday Murder Club, Hannah Swensen mysteries, and Agatha Christie.


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