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Hopefully, the neighbors don't mind smelling like hot dogs for six hours.

We waited a year and for the black Friday sale, but we finally bought a grill. (Now that we're in Florida, it's a law. We have to get a tiki bar soon or it's three years hard labor.) We're terrified of combustible tanks and don't like the toxic nature of charcoal, so we went with a Traeger smoker.

Now I'm totally obsessed. I'm looking online at tee shirts online with cows on them that say, "I'd Smoke That." It's that bad. 

In my defense, the grill is amazing. It's very efficient, easy to clean when you're done and even has WIFI so you can set it and forget it --- except to come out and paint things with more sauce once in a while. It tells you the temperature of the grill, and with the included probe, the temp of the meat, too. So far we've made a steak and ribs and they were both delicious. I'll be making beer can chicken for Christmas, which I think will finally earn us our honorary "Florida Man" card.

There are some downsides. First, now I want to buy all the fun tools, like metal claws you wear to tear apart pulled pork and work out Wolverine fantasies. Second, it belches smoke every 15 minutes and it took six hours to make our ribs... Mike just about crawled under the living room table with embarrassment at first. But hey, it's not like we're going to be grilling every day and it does smell good...

And look at the ribs! They were so good. Mike doesn't even really like ribs and he scarfed them down like I hadn't fed him in weeks.


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