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I grew up on the beach and never thought twice about getting into the water as a kid. I was East Coast Editor of SURFER Magazine, and never hesitated to catch some tasty waves, dude. Then I moved farther inland for about twenty years and rarely found myself near an ocean.

And apparently, I left my nerve somewhere back on that last beach.

Because here I am again, living by the ocean thinking --- I can go swimming! Commune with nature!

For about ten seconds...

Before I saw this Blacktip Shark  fin...

Let's just say the pool is starting to look really good.

As it turns out, that fin was attached to a very dead shark.

But still come ON.

Standing out in the water doing those little jumps as the waves roll at me now makes me feel like dangling bait. How can it not, when during the morning news you watch videos of hundreds of sharks swimming past your home:

Of course our pool is a salt water pool, and we live backing a wildlife preserve, so I'm going to have to check it every morning for alligators...

Florida!! If the heat doesn't kill you, something else will! :)



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