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This isn't a paid advertisement --- I just thought I'd let you know about some things I discovered that I love and that might help you, too! My new years resolution was to SOLVE PROBLEMS - if something bothers me, now I take the time to find a solution and move on, instead of putting up with whatever it is and putting off looking for a way to make it better. Saves time in the long run.

Problem One Solved: Losing my hair!

Around the time I moved to Florida (and really a bit before that) I started to notice with every shower I was losing a lot of hair. Enough that I thought am I going to go bald if this keeps up?  I asked my hairdresser and she said things didn't seem dire, but I did not feel good about what was happening. Plus, having me in the house was worse than having a dog. I was shedding everywhere!

I did some research and found PURE BIOLOGY products on Amazon, and started using the shampoo and conditioner. Things seemed better almost immediately, and now, seven months later or so, I can tell my ponytail is thicker and I hardly lose any hair after a shower!

It's pricey, but I have a trick for you - if you add it as a product you're watching on HONEY they will occasionally send you a flash sale notice about it being almost half off. ALSO, when I bought it, it came with a "give us a review and get a free one" which was nice...though it is totally against Amazon's TOS policy, so I don't know if they still do that.

Good for MEN and WOMEN!

Problem Two Solved: I'd like to save more money!

Speaking of Honey, you should join. It really does save you a bunch of money. Little popups appear on a lot of products (including Amazon) letting you know about cheaper deals. I've saved a ton using Honey - especially when, at checkout at some of my favorite stores, it runs through coupons I can use automatically - no searching around to find a coupon online.  All you have to do is go to their site and add the browser plugin to your browser. They make it easy.

Problem Three Solved: Shiny Fingernails

I don't like to wear nail polish because I'm way too rammy - finger one ends up chipping before finger ten is finished. But I do want to look like I care, so I've always buffed my nails to make them shine as if there is clear polish on them. However, those shine buffer thingies wear out fast, getting less and less useful, and then I have to buy another.

Not anymore! I found these GLASS NAIL SHINERS on Amazon. I love them! I buff a little and bam! my nails shine like they're wet. And I don't have to constantly resupply or suffer with failing soft buffers. Mike uses it too, so he looks like a fancy rich guy. Ha!

Hope these things come in useful for you!


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