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Siri is a cheeky monkey, I need your input about brands, your moment of Archer and more deals!

SIRI is Stealing My Husband

It started innocently enough. Once in a while, SIRI on our iPhones perked up for no reason to say she didn’t catch something we said…or to thank us for something we didn’t do. Strange, but no biggie.

I didn’t know at the time, but this was all part of the little digital Jezabel’s plan to catch my husband’s attention.

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I can’t blame her. Mike lets her sleep next to him every night. Granted, she’s on the side table and not in the bed, but apparently, it’s all the encouragement she needs.

SIRI has grown more and more brazen in her attempts to seduce him. Every time he says “Hey sweetie…”, to me, SIRI pipes up before I can answer.

Mike: Hey, sweetie…

Me: Y — 

SIRI: Yes?

Cheeky little harlot.

She’s always there. Trying to be helpful. Finding things on the Internet. Letting him know the chances of rain. She even has endless jokes memorized, so any time he needs a laugh, all he has to do is ask her.

How can I compete with that?

Sure, she’s a little boxy. A little cold. A little flat. But she’s always there. Plotting. Scheming.



Someone floated the idea of getting corporate sponsors for my books. This could be done with ads in the back (maybe with codes for discounts for readers) or mentions in the book - like being specific when describing the type of knife a person is holding as they chop slices of pepperoni!  

This would only make sense for brands looking to attract the same sort of readers I have, so I thought I'd poll you guys:

Can you name some brands you LOVE?  I only want to support brands I'd be proud to represent and while I've thought of a few things I absolutely love, I know I'm forgetting a ton of things.

In the form please share with me brands you love (and would like to see coupons from in my books!) -- it could be

  • household goods
  • clothing
  • foods
  • restaurants



Mike said the dog harasses him for attention while I'm working (that's me in the background typing away). I didn't believe him so he sent me proof. Think Archer wants to play ball? (Worse, he clearly just FINISHED playing ball because he's muddy!) 


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