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3dPineapple17smThe AUDIO BOOK for Pineapple House Hunter (Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 12) is now on sale at Audible,  iTunes and Amazon

Pineapple Valentine Mystery: A Mystery Romance (Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 17)

Now available for Pre-Order | Releases January 31!


Pineapple Cozy Mystery: The Cozy Mystery Killer is on the loose! (Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 16) 99c this week!

Charlotte’s friend Tilly dies and leaves her a cryptic message about the Cozy Mystery Killer—an assassin with a grudge against amateur detectives. Clues are hidden inside tea cosies stashed all over Pineapple Port - Declan, Mariska and Darla are ready to help!

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NEW RELEASE - NOW LIVE - eBOok & PAperback! 

The Girl Who Lost Him: Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller #4 by Amy Vansant - $3.99 (Save $2!) FOR A LIMITED TIME!

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Shee McQueen lives in her father’s hotel for ex-military mercenaries. Life is never easy...and never boring.

Bounty hunter Shee and her second-chance love / ex-Navy SEAL, Mason Connolly, are sent to the middle of Florida to protect the family of a retiring small-town drug lord, only to find the man’s dead wife on her way out on a gurney. When the “accident” feels more like murder and the husband is implicated, Shee and Mason remain to protect the man’s teenage son and daughter, neither of whom has any interest in making their job easier.

When a rival gang’s psychotic son kidnaps their client’s daughter, Mason’s expert extraction skills are put to the test as the danger level in tiny Kinache, Florida notches to the boiling point.

It seems their client has more family secrets than Shee and Mason counted on...

"Think Stephanie Plum goes to Florida. With Jack Reacher. Highly recommended.” — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carmen Amato, bestselling author of the Detective Emilia Cruz police series and 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Florida in Miami, Naval Academy graduate and Loggerhead Inn receptionist, Croix, has muscled her way into an FBI-backed art theft case alongside resident con artist, retired Army Captain, Ollie.

Secret family histories and dark obsessions twist both missions until they reach their explosive, gripping conclusions.


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Jen Meanwhiles
Angelique Asher The Croc Pot or The Gator Pit
Barbara Harrison Working Late
Fred Casiello  Gator Den
retiredtoread@gmail.com Chlorine
Julie Southern Plum
Claire Gill The Crows Nest
my4kidz97@gmail.com Tropic thunder
Tony George Tiger Lily's 
Ann Wood The Wild Squirrel.
foxiuk@yahoo.com The Queen's Hive.
simmmba@gmail.com The Shady Gator
Lizzie The Fruity Monkey Bar
Dorothy Penkalski  The Everglades End
Kristen The Gator's Girdle
Karen Flagler's Folly
Robyn K Gator Bators
Doris The Safe House
Jacqueline Tibbs Bil and Jackie's  downtown fun club 
Linda The Soused Sand Flea
Carolyn lancaster Alligator Alley


Your Moment of Archer

He's always liked to perch on the back of the sofa cushions, but he's been throwing himself on the shelf more and more lately... He especially likes to straddle the cushion right behind Mike, so the poor guy can't lean back. If Mike does lean back and rests his head on Archer, Arch growls. (not mean, just hey you're annoying me, Daddy...). That's his piggy next to him. He carries it around like a teddy bear. He LOVES it and for some reason never destroys it. I got it at Amazon if you'd like to get one for your fur baby!




A Shot Most Bitter (33rd Street Roastery Cozy Mysteries Book 7) Summer Prescott

When murder happens…
You can’t just eat popcorn and watch.
A night at the movies soon spells catastrophe – and our intrepid sleuths find themselves closer to the chaos than usual.

Margaret, Rohan, and Paige had just settled themselves into their seats with buckets of buttery popcorn, when a gunshot sounded off like a thunderclap in the theater.

A man plunged to his death and a woman’s scream pierced the darkness. With no one coming forward as a witness, and a bullet that seemed to have vanished, the staff of the Roastery on 33rd find themselves with few leads to pursue.

They think that the tragedy at the movie was the end of things, but soon, they realize they’re in the second act of a case that has struck before… and threatens to strike again.

Like a shot of a coffee most bitter, things seem much more heated than they could ever have anticipated.

Can the sleuths figure out who killed who before the credits roll, once and for all?

A Dead Red Cadillac (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 1) RP Dahlke FREE 10-5 to 10-9 or get it free with Kindle Unlimited

A deeply buried and deadly secret resurface with a drowned Cadillac

When Lalla Bains’ trophy red Caddy is discovered tail-fins up in a local lake, police ask why a widowed piano teacher, who couldn’t possibly see beyond the hood ornament, is found strapped in the driver’s seat.

As Lalla will soon discover, there’s a shocking link between the drowned woman, her beloved father and an escaped felon--all of which will tear apart her comfortable life and bring her family into the cross-hairs of a killer.

“Fresh and fun!"

"With its engaging, down-on-her-luck sleuth, homicidal Caddy and a decades-old mystery, R.P. Dahlke’s promising debut, A DEAD RED CADILLAC, will keep you turning those pages and guessing wrong right up to its surprising conclusion.” Kris Neri, Lefty Award-nominated author of REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES’ SAKE


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