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Slightly embarrassing, mostly true, and one hundred percent laugh-out-loud RomCom fun!

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I ran through the over two hundred submissions and a stunning number of Quokkas—I had to look it up! (they are cute!) Otters, Hedgehogs also did well... I have the new cover almost ready, and I'll post it for you next time to reveal the winning animal, but for today, I need to award 20 winners of the latest book, which is the new Shee McQueen book out today.

Here are the randomly selected winners! (if there was no last name I used another bit of info so you know it is you).

  • Helen "momrobare"
  • Bekah "wooly"
  • Lori Hendel
  • Kandy Thome
  • Deb Lavery
  • Carolyn Soltas 
  • Jackie Kripas
  • Jo Ann 1952
  • Linda Stitt
  • Robin Panza
  • Paula MadMax 
  • Renee Pararom
  • Elaine Sherm
  • Renee Portnell
  • Deb Hickman
  • Paula 12
  • Penny Springtime
  • Christy Palmer
  • Carol Cats
  • Yvonne Schreck
  • Andrea Revals
  • Sharon Rose of
  • Laura Breen
  • Trish K8
  • Darla Archer
  • Lynda Langston

I got quite a few interesting stories too! Here are a few!

Baby Fawn - we found one on our porch last week early one morning. He was the most adorable thing. He must have been left in the bushes, but he got up and came closer to the front door for warmth. Momma came back for him once she had finished foraging. Oh, but he was so sweet.

I think a marbled color Guinea Pig dressed as a woman. As for the colors of the outfit, I like Shades of Pink or the color is up to you. (I don't know what is funnier, the fact that the Guinea Pig should be dressed as a woman or that the reader had a color preference for the outfit!)

How about a parakeet? As a child, I had several. Biscuit was the cutest and very smart. My mother would open his cage door in the morning and tell him to wake me up. He would fly into my bedroom, land on the bed by my head and chirp into my ear. He would say, "Wake up." He was very affectionate and loved perching on my shoulder. Biscuit was a very special friend for an only child. He helped me get through many difficult days, and I have never forgotten him.

How about a gorgeous blue gold macaw. They can be quite intelligent, talkative, and often like to be held and even cradled like a baby.

How about a tarantula? Just found on on my door they do make quite an impression lol 

I would love a dog. A Maltipoo half Maltese half poodle. I have one her name is Mika Bella. Mika - Hebrew meaning - Gift from God Bella - Spanish meaning - Beautiful. I love her to a very lot. She's my emotional support dog. I have schizophrenia and she helps me stay at an even level. She's not trained for this. But she has woken me up, early in the morning because my sugar dropped to 45. I'm a diabetic type 2. She's very spoiled rotten. She works very hard. So she deserves to be spoiled. 

I miss the chipmunks from the Midwest. We only get a few here at a National Park. They love to stuff their mouths! Best here is a squirrel that loves to tease my dogs with her big bushy tail. Sits on the fence and laughs at them as they trot back and forth under her. Good thing she has those nails to keep from falling!

I'm not sure how you could work this in but my choice is a QUOKKA, an Australian animal. They always seem to be smiling but do have a dark side. When under threat they throw their babies at the attacker! (Maybe the babies are actually middle schoolers which would be understandable!) LOL 









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