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THe Girl Who Killed You - Shee Mcqueen #3 is Almost Here!

I finished writing the third installment of the Shee McQueen Mystery-Thriller series. Whoo hoo! I'll be releasing it VERY SOON. Here's a quick peek at the description and cover!


The Girl Who Killed YOU

When Mick and his retired military gun-for-hire “fixer” service is hired by a United States Senator to find his missing son, he enlists the help of his daughter, Siofra “Shee” McQueen. An experienced tracker, Shee quickly tracks the boy to a Bahamian island playground catering to the young and wealthy. The job seems like such a breeze, she hires her daughter, Charlotte, to infiltrate the age-restricted compound. They’ve just been reunited after a lifetime apart, and the mission offers them serious quality mother-daughter time.

Is the mother-of-the-year award in the mail yet?

Before Shee can kick back with a Bahama Mama, the senator’s son’s girlfriend turns up dead. The boy is the primary suspect. Could be he's not the underachieving goofball he seemed to be…and her daughter is on the island with him.

Shee needs to extract Charlotte, but communication has been cut, and the sinister underbelly of the resort is beginning to show.

Shee will need to tap into her father’s collection of ex-military misfits, including a retired FBI agent, a newly-hired thief hiding a secret, and Charlotte’s father—the wounded SEAL whose heart Shee once trampled—if she's going to save their daughter.

The island has other ideas.

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Slightly Stalky: He's the One, He Just Doesn't Know it Yet (Slightly Series Book 1)

Slightly Stalky: He's the One, He Just Doesn't Know it Yet (Slightly Series Book 1) 99¢ Feb. 10-16

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Slightly Sweaty (Slightly Series Book 2) 99¢ Feb. 10-16



I'm always thinking of new ways to enhance my books and my book marketing, and I had an idea about putting little footnotes through my books linking to fun, interesting and special content. I don't want these footnotes to affect the quality of your reading, but I also think some might make reading my books more interactive and fun for readers. 

Below are some of my ideas---I'd love for you to click on your answers and  let me know what you think about them!

 Archer the Doorman

We've been terrible about finding time to teach Archer tricks, so he's been teaching himself. He opens the closet door for me every day so I can get changed to take him for a walk!



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