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 Three deals right now...

NEW RELEASE! Shee McQueen Thriller: The Man Who Came Back - $3.99 until the end of the month and then goes to $5.99.

PRE-RELEASE - Pineapple Port Mysteries - Pineapple Pirates! Save $2!

99¢ MAY 26-June 2 - Pineapple Port Mysteries - Pineapple Turtles 

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 NAME THE Bait & Dive Shop & Win 

I've finished The Man Who Came Back (Shee McQueen #7) and it's on the way to my editors! The book is available for PREORDER if you want to grab it now. 

Here's the list of people getting it for free for sending in a name for the bait shop!

Marti We used to have one near where I live called Master Baiters.
Moni R The Hook, Line and Sinker
Tammy Hookers, Off the Hook, Wigglers, The Tackle Box
Deanna I'd call it The Catch of the Day Shop.
Nova  Bait and Bite Baitory Castaway
Rebecca Worms r Us
Kindra I'd name it "Wriggles"
Kris Worms and More
Claire Squiggles and Squirms Bait and Tackle.
Vaunda Drownin' Worms
Kelle  The Fishes' Wishes (not sure how long the owner's been there, but the shop came with the name and part of the sale agreement was he/she can't change the name) 
Joanna Stinky Bait Shop
Nancy The Hook Shop
Stephanie Gotta Lure It
Bev Grubs & Bubbles
Kris Skeeter's Bate
George  Squirmy Things
Gail Castaway bait and tackle 
Felicia Floaters and Bait
Dawn The Little Fisherman
Crystal A Whale of a Tale Starts Here Bait & Dive Shop
Nikki  The hook and dook (dook is Scottish idiom for dunk or submerge). 



When I'm not writing, I'm a pillow

After Archer's daily swim/ball chase, he likes to relax...and I'm the pillow. These photos aren't even on the same day. He loves him some Mommy!




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New ReleaseS!






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