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Pineapple TRIVIA NIGHT Now Available

I'm working on a new ROMANTIC COMEDY just to keep you all on your toes, so here's my first two on sale to celebrate! Both books 99¢ each!

The Slightly series is USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant's mostly true story of how she met her husband.

Slightly embarrassing, mostly true, and one hundred percent laugh-out-loud RomCom fun!

Both books 99¢ each for a limited time (Sept. 17-24) - and always free through Kindle Unlimited

Slightly Stalky: He's the One, He Just Doesn't Know it Yet (Slightly Series Book 1) $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME! (also Amazon UK)

Slightly Sweaty (Slightly Series Book 2)) $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME! (Also Amazon UK )


ALSO 99¢ for the first time!

The Girl Who Saw the Truth (Shee McQueen Series #5)

Each book is a standalone so start anywhere - or start the series from the beginning for 99¢!


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Yoga Dog

yogadog Oh, did you need this?

I was getting a little stiff, so I started doing yoga after my dog walks in the morning, and it has done WONDERS for me. I highly recommend it! Even if you're not a "yoga person" just taking the time to do a little stretching makes me feel ten years younger.

Anyway, I do have one problem.

This is him.

Archer returns from his walk now and waits for me to put down this mat for him so he can lay on it. I've explained that I'm laying it out for ME to use, but he doesn't seem to care.  Maybe it is the extra exercise I get every morning wrestling him off the mat that is really making me feel fitter!










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