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Remember when greeting cards were a buck? Now they're more expensive than many ebooks!

So why would you send a friend a folded piece of paper with some silly poem inside when you could send them a book full of action, mystery, romance, thrills and laughs...PLUS your message, PLUS a personal note from the author (ME!)


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The Girl on Wildfire Ridge: An absolutely unputdownable crime thriller packed with twists (Detective Kay Sharp Book 4) by Leslie Wolfe - NEW RELEASE!

Her face, beautiful even in death, gazed open-eyed at the azure sky. Her brown, silky hair fanned around her head, bringing out the pallor of her skin. Her lips were slightly parted as if she was still breathing, as if she was whispering her goodbyes.

On a hot summer’s day, the sleepy town of Mount Chester is thrown into turmoil when seventeen-year-old local girl Jenna goes missing. Within hours, the case takes an agonizing turn when her body is discovered in the isolated mountains.

Detective Kay Sharp rushes to the scene, hiking for miles to the base of Wildfire Ridge. From the markings on Jenna’s body, it’s clear that she was brutally murdered. Near the victim, Kay finds a butterfly-shaped hair clip with a set of fingerprints that could be a vital clue.

With the clock ticking, and every minute critical, Kay is up against the toughest case of her career. Can she risk everything to confront the past she has been running from, and save another innocent girl before it’s too late?

Tropical Love: Second Chance Romantic Comedy (Postscript Island Book #1)Tropical Love: Second Chance Romantic Comedy (Postscript Island Book #1) R. S. Jonesee

She’s an actress hoping to rewrite the script on their past. He’s the ex-fiancé resisting an encore. Will the confines of a tropical island offer a retake?

Forever love is overrated.

Dumped for Hollywood. Kingman Sinclair’s fiancé left him standing on the shore, holding a diamond ring and a vow to never love again.

Eighteen years later, a boat arrives with stage props for his resort’s romcom play. But six-foot-tall male body parts and a mannequin bride whose arms fall off predict disaster. Then the lead actress, Francesca Goodwin, AKA the girl who ditched him, steps onto the pier.

Hello, obvious catastrophe. No one should look that good while carrying a four-foot condom wrapper.

The Rising: Awakening by D. Ann Hall

An Egyptologist with a quest from beyond the grave.

An ancient vampire sworn to protect a secret.

A fate woven through time and love bound in blood and sacrifice.

From the sands of ancient Egypt to the halls of the British Museum, the rising will awaken all to the truth.

What reviewers have said:

"A novel that seamlessly blends genres!" "This will blow your mind!" "I've just finished and I want to read it all over again!"

Available in print and Kindle / KU

Murder in the Leaves (Grim and Cozy Mysteries Book 1) by Tracy Donley NEW RELEASE!



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