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It's summer and I live adjacent to a preserve in Florida, so it's a lot like living in a zoo. Every day we wake up and scoop the fiddler crabs out of the salt water pool...Watch the video of the critters walking past our security cameras...

The other day, we had a whole family of bobcats stroll by -- mom and three kits, I think:

So we bought a trail cam to get better footage, and although we haven't caught the bobcats yet, we did get an extreme close up of an armadillo... This little gal keeps stuffing grass into the gopher tortoise hole where she's taken up residence. The tortoises keep cleaning it out, he keeps stuffing it back in there. She likes a nice nest. She looks high maintenance, doesn't she? Look at those long nails!

And we got a close up view of the gopher tortoises riding each other around... We all know what it looks like, but it might be two males doing a dominance thing.  They'll ride each other into the hole and then you'll see he backs up and does the irritated head bobbing dance to show his annoyance the other one got away. You can see that hole goes right under my fence (which is netted to try and keep SOME of these critters out of my pool...) The cement on the other side has actually collapsed a little because they dug way all the dirt underneath!



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