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I have two special new releases for you today, but first - we'd noticed Archie loves moving all his toys to his little house, but we didn't realize phase two was moving himself into his toy box. I guess this is what happens when hoarders fill out their real home...

Your Moment of Archer

Archie can be a handful, but at least at the end of the day, he has the good form to cover his face in shame and lay like that long enough to let you know he's really sorry.

I swear he did this himself. We were on the sofa, watching and wondering if our dog is broken. :)


Is this where my tongue goes?

Your Moment of Archer: He's Got Your Number

We're teaching him to count! He can do it every time the first try, and then he loses his mind and starts barking all over the place, but here's one where he's pretty good. I think it was attempt 500 so he's a little frustrated.


Tiny ten-pound Archie is now about forty-two pounds of weirdo. His latest thing: Laying over the top of his "condo" in a very Snoopy-like fashion...  We don't mind, because it is twenty minutes he isn't trying to shove his face between us and anything else we might like to touch or see.


Archer is still doing well! He's gone to the beach now and loves it. He's a perfect little gentleman with the dogs and people there, though he still likes to swat everyone around when he's on the leash.

In addition to creeping around in general, he's taken to hiding things... we find things stuffed in weird places all over the house. A toy in my closet, a tennis ball in the drawer where I keep pots and pans, a sock under the rug, his stuffed chipmunk in the freezer... (don't ask me when he slipped that in there...)

Oh, and a whole pillow hidden in his house:

When he says he's hanging out, he's not kidding. Here's another example of how we find him draped over everything. Including me. All sixty-five pounds of him. This is how he earned one of his nicknames: "Lazy Legs Jenkins." (Ignore the fancy sheet we keep draped over the sofa now in some attempt to keep him from destroying it...)

In case you wonder how we spend our weekends... You'll need the volume on to get the full effect.

Is there some sort of award puppies get for sleeping in the most uncomfortable places? What else explains...

Head on Sliding Door Track... (he was here for an hour)


Head on the table...

Spilling out of a too-small house with your nose on a log...

Or maybe you get points for making other people uncomfortable, like shoving your paws into Mommy's face.

Once again Archer proves he's not the most graceful Doodle on the planet---and that he's clearly MY son. Here he is trying to sneak past the pool fence, looking off into the distance to see if he sees us coming to catch him in the act... and then WHOOPS. This is obviously what security cameras are REALLY for.

Arch isn't a big fan of the groomer. We had to lift his butt into the van to get started. But when it was done, the groomer lowered her table and told him to hop out... and he didn't. Wouldn't.

She had to get me to come out and even I had a hard time coaxing him out.

Think it's because he loved it so much? Maybe he was tired?

Nah. This was a full hissy fit. Make me get groomed? Then fine. I'll get groomed. FOREVER. How do you like that, Mommy? Huh? Huh?

The original video of this is about 24 hours long... if you give Archer any sort of shelf, he will put his chin on it and probably go to sleep there, while your muscles cramp, but you can't bear to let the muffin-head down. Sometimes the muscle cramping is better than the stinkeye he gives you for moving...


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