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Today is the last day of summer and my personal zoo is still hopping!

Over to the right there is a Knight Anole (invasive species from Cuba), much larger than my baby local anoles! I can't get over his eyes -- totally looks like someone painted on his eyelids while he was sleeping.

We chased him from one side of the tree to the other to get this shot. I'd go to snap the photo and he'd shuffle to the opposite side...So I'd go to the other side and he'd shuffle back where he was... needed to get Mike to limit his options and get this shot.

If he's not creepy enough for you, we heard someone KNOCKING LOUDLY on our slider at 4am the other morning. Scared the heck out of us.

We lifted the blinds to find this guy asking for a cup of joe... Land crab

More exciting, we got another shot of a bobcat at night on our CritterCam... she's not much of a lady... stopped in front of the camera to mark her territory, but still, pretty good shot!



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