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We saw a pretty big lightning strike outside and started filming in time to get the next one. You can barely see this happen in the video, but the screengrab is pretty amazing. Did one of the little forks hit my fence? It sure sounded like it!


Things I May Never Do Again... 

wallpaperSo you know that thing where you think, sure, I can wallpaper one little wall...how hard could it be? 

We were struck temporarily insane and decided to go for it. Yikes. This is peel-and-stick wallpaper from Amazon, and it does look pretty good---gave a very white bathroom a little punch, but it was NOT easy. I can't even imagine attempting it with old-timey glue & paper!

It would have been a lot easier if I knew these tricks ahead of time:

1. Overlap is relative.

They say to make it easier, do a little overlap from one sheet to the next, but what they don't tell you is if your design is as large and all-encompassing as this one, you have to overlap practically the whole sheet for it to line up, which would double the amount of wallpaper you need.  Given the choice again, I might have picked something a little more sparse and forgiving.

2. Length is dependent on pattern...

When you cut your second sheet, remember it must align with the last one at the right point in the pattern. I cut the right length off the roll with a little extra just in case, toddled back to the bathroom, and realized the part I needed to line up at the top of the next column was about two feet down the piece I'd cut... Grr. So, I put that piece aside, figuring I'd use it for the last column so the patchwork I'd have to fill in for that shorty piece landed behind the toilet...

3. Is the pattern the same upside down?

Of course, it isn't, because a twisted sadist designed this particular pattern. Turns out that even if it doesn't look like it, there is a right side up and upside down (that sicko made sure of it), so when you match the pattern and cut your third piece, you'll realize the pattern is slightly different upside down and still doesn't line up right without coming up short. ) *^!(^)@^^!!&#*#^%$_!!!!

 4. Don't look behind the toilet.

Things might be a little janky there!





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