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News on the Kilty Front!

I have some exciting news for fans of my fantasy crime thriller series, Kilty— I'm writing the next book! Kilty #6 (the accompanying Anne Bonny books will be shifted to 7-9) should be available in 2-3 months...I'm also reading/editing the original first five and having new covers designed (something like this) that better represent the Archer meets Outlander feel of the books. 

IF YOU ARE A FAN OF KILTY (or would like to be) please swing by the new giveaway page and sign up to win a Kindle! I want to create a separate list of Kilty readers, since not all Pineapple/Shee readers are Kilty readers and vice versa, and this page is a way to get on the Kilty list!

13pineapplecircusCLLICK TO GET PINEAPPLE CIRCUS - 99¢!

Now in the center ring... murder!

Newly-minted private detective Charlotte Morgan, resident orphan of the Pineapple Port 55+ community, discovers she might not be an orphan after all. Stunned by the news, she distracts herself with a cat burglar who left a smear of make-upped whiskers on a sliding glass door, and a path straight to "Clown Town" a retirement community for retired circus performers. When a fortune-teller doesn't see her own death in the cards, Charlotte's burglary becomes a murder investigation!

"This was the first Pineapple Cove mystery I have read, and I was pleasantly surprised. That plot was interesting and fast-paced. Characters were well developed, and there were many subplots to add to the fun. I enjoyed it, and now plan to read books 1 to 12!"- Amazon Reader ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Charlotte's neighborhood moms, Mariska and Darla, can't help with this one. They're busy infiltrating an underground golf cart racing ring, led by a shady operator and her toady sidekick...

When another circus performer falls victim to the Big Top Killer and Stephanie goes missing, Charlotte finds herself walking a highwire of danger...this killer isn't clowning around!

WARNING! Fans of the series will be particularly shocked by the breathless ending! (though every book can be read as a standalone).

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Books 10-12 of the Pineapple Port Mysteries - Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant introduces you to even more wonderfully lovable Pineapple Port characters in this three-pack collection of the hilarious mystery series keeping readers on the edge of their seats!

Fans of female-sleuth authors like Jana Deleon, Lilian Jackson Braun, Gina Lamanna and Janet Evanovich will love the Pineapple Port series' abundant humor and clever plots --- as well as Charlotte's sharp intellect and the love and loyalty she holds for the wacky 55+ community who raised her.

Pineapple Turtles: Pineapple Port Mystery #10 Newly-minted detective Charlotte Morgan discovers a mysterious box in her attic, the contents of which lead her to a hotel packed with strange characters and a link to her family's past. Trusting the crafty, Yorkie-toting manager will be as difficult as tracking down the woman who might be her missing aunt. This important title also serves as an introduction to the world of the Shee McQueen mystery-thrillers, the action-packed new series from Amy Vansant!

Pineapple Hurricane: Pineapple Port Mystery #11 When a Pineapple Port resident is found dead during an approaching hurricane, Charlotte fears someone’s trying to disguise murders as storm-related accidents. The first two victims have more than the storm in common – both were hoarding valuable storm supplies like toilet paper and water. Hm. Maybe the killer is karma!

Pineapple House Hunter: Pineapple Port Mystery #12 When Declan and his uncle Seamus find a dead woman in the master closet of a house for sale, Seamus hopes that means he'll get a deal...but private detective Charlotte Morgan is more interested in why the body has a note pinned to its chest: Where are you going to keep YOUR clothes?

archerpraying3Are Dogs' Legs Supposed to Work Like This?

 As I've mentioned before, Archer loves laying on his belly on the edges of the sofa with his feet curled behind him. He's fallen asleep like this a few times. We know our little man is a first-class weirdo.

But what we didn't know, is that these feet can move... I giggle every time I watch this video!


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