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Name The Killer WINNERS

You guys made me feel like I had no imagination at all with these entries! You should all be authors! These people were sent an email letting you know you won The Girl Who Found Joy - if you see yourself here but didn't get notice, check your spam and let me know so I can send you your book!

Lori Well if we are talking about the killer in this book named for a spider, then I like Webby as a nickname.  But if you want a real name for the killer, then Venetia Barrister would be good (In Merchant of Venice, Portia traveled to Venice disguised as a lawyer)
Joy The Stocking Strangler - the killer strangles victims with an old-fashioned pair of pantyhose.
Anne   The chef because he turns up the heat on his victims before he slices and diced them.  
jacqueline Scooter the Shooter
Lynn   The Pillowcase Prowler kills victims with a pillow, then takes the pillowcase and fills it with valuables on the way out. 
Breann Well, it would depend on how they killed people, but since I don't know I'll just guess.  The Hunter.  Or McStabby.  Just depends on what kind of killing.  Thanks!
H Clay Slaughter
Jan After the 5th murder, people are warned to not meet strangers for pumpkin spice lattes or they may be the next victim of the "Pumpkin Spice Latte Slicer".  Tis that season for everything Pumpkin Spice!
Patsy  I'd call them the Pie Killer, there would be a pie with one slice missing at each crime scene.
Patricia  Bill Fang, he's a mean son of a bitch and doesn't care who he hurts or kills.
Lisbeth Angy --the woman who thinks she's so superior to so many people and starts killing them off with a goal of killing 100% of the people who annoy her
Natalee I would name the killer Evander.  The name means "Good Man" which obviously is the opposite of a killer-quite the spin-
Christy "The Wraith". I like this one because it can encompass so may different bad guys from truly evil to slightly angelic.
Jolene I would probably name the killer the Fashion Valley Fangster, because their trademark is leaving two puncture wounds spaced like vampire fangs, but it turns out they are the injection points for a very slow-moving poison.
Kathy The Chicken Coop Killer because he would have the wily stealth of a coyote, the smartness of an owl and the cuteness of a raccoon.
Melanie Dewey - because he would leave clues to his next victim using the Dewey Decimal System
Anita Two Cents Killer -he or she always leaves two pennies by the victim (police speculate that the killer is going to be following their leads -to hear their 2 cents worth of guesses)
Gail The killer would be called Sherlock because he is good if not the best at what he does. He wants to kill as many as his high IQ which leaves everyone scared that there will be no end.
Ann Mr. Clean: the killer is eliminating people who have an unsightly house. The houses have overgrown grass, shrubs, vines which is bringing the property value in the neighborhood down. 
Cindy Sticker Stalker
Named such because he/she leaves a distinctive sticker behind.  At first to let the victim know that they are being followed, then after claiming their victim, using that sticker as his/her calling card.










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