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friendFriends on the Walk

Mike and I are on a big walking kick now - doing the old 10,000 steps (about 5 miles). I have to admit I have a lot more energy during the day now, so we must be doing something right. And Gordon has a new friend! A lady in one of the neighborhoods we trot through has a big fake goldendoodle that she dresses up for holidays. This was during the summer -- and there's my baby trying to make time with her. He always did have a soft spot for chicks in water wings.

Call Me Spazzy Arms

Quick question... anyone have spazzy arms? This might not be a sign of getting older because I've always been sort of a one-woman tornado of destruction, but I swear... I'll turn sometimes now and my arms will drag behind me and plow into something sitting on a table. And I don't mean knock over something. I mean send something flying. Like it's a tennis ball and my arm is the racket. I seem to catch the tops of glasses a lot too. It's like my arms have a life of their own and they are taking themselves for a spin! Please tell me other people out there are slowly turning into flailing octopi!



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