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New Shee on Preorder, Coyotes and Gators Run Wild...

 41l3Jp1RL9LToday is mostly book news sales and new preorders, but I finally saw one of the coyotes I've been hearing... Well, Archer saw him, barked, and then I ran up to the fence between my house and the preserve and saw the little guy staring at me. Young, small, very healthy-looking—though I don't love that he was wandering around in the middle of the afternoon. Apparently one of them came nose to nose with one of my neighbor's dogs so things are getting coyote cray-cray around here...

It could be worse...up north in Fort Pierce, an elderly lady was eaten by an alligator. Only in Florida can you turn on the news and see a woman riding an alligator.  This is a wrangler, not the woman who died—at least I assume it's a wrangler—who knows around here!


The gator tried to grab her dog, and the poor woman died trying to save it. Dog lived, she died, which is how it would go down if one tried to grab Archer, so I get it.

No one eats baby on my watch!

There are multiple books on sale below and the  new Shee McQueen is available for pre-order. I'm about halfway through writing it. Half of it reveals the secret to why Croix has been hiding out at the Loggerhead and where/how Mick found her, the other half is about new recruits working with the crew. If you like action, you're going to LOVE this one - every chapter drags you breathless into the next!

If there is anything you'd like to see happen in it, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll see what I can do!

Multiple Books on Sale

I'm working on a new ROMANTIC COMEDY just to keep you all on your toes, so here's my first two on sale to celebrate! Both books 99¢ each!

The Slightly series is USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant's mostly true story of how she met her husband.

Slightly embarrassing, mostly true, and one hundred percent laugh-out-loud RomCom fun!

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