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Best Cozy Mysteries - Pineapple port mysteries - pineapple lies"The best cozy mysteries have to be Amy Vansant's Pineapple Port Mysteries."

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5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg Best cozy mystery with a love story
The characters are a real hoot. I so enjoyed this book...fun to read with no gore......great story line and love story within a mystery!

5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg One of the best surprise ending I have read.
...a really great whodunit. I had entirely guessed the wrong person, and especially the outcome. That was a complete surprise.
Amy Vansant has written a delightful romp that will keep you in stitches.

5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg One of the best cozy mysteresI have read in a while - I have found a new author!
Awesome. Hilarious, laugh out loud moments aplenty! I went looking for the next in the series before I was done reading this one. A great mystery with one of the best cast of characters I have seen in a while. You will want to don your best grey wig and move in. I can hardly wait for more in this series to arrive - hopefully soon! I am going to re-read this one that I just finished because I just want more - I almost never do this. Pick it up, you won't regret it:)
5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg Quirky, fun, and a great cozy mystery.
I couldn't put it down. I recommend it to anyone who loves a cozy mystery. Best cozy mystery I've read.
5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg One of the best purchases I've made in years!
Charming, witty, suspenseful and funny. Such a perfect read. A nice laid back book that keeps you on your feet. I recommend this to anyone who wants a funny yet fulfilling story with characters who make you laugh out loud.
5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpegThis is one of the best cozy mysteries I have read read in a long time.
Action, romance,mystery and comedy too! Loved it and you will too!
5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg One of the best cozy mysteries
I read a lot and this book had me laughing out loud in the pharmacy. Loved it. Hope to read more
5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg Five Stars FANTASTIC sense of humor
I adore these kinds of senior mysteries with the perfect mix of hysterical characters and humor. Pineapple Port Mysteries are some of the best cozy mysteries. Great to have some laugh out louds before going to bed after a stressful day! Hope there's more on the way!
5-stars-cozy-mysteries.jpeg Best of the Cozy mysterys



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